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"Imported" Chinese Class

2. Programs for various ages:
Program for Toddlers (ages 1-3, one adult required)
Program for Preschoolers (ages 3-5)
Program for School-aged students (5+)
Program for Adult

3. The All About Mandarin Academy's teaching strategy
Each class of our Chinese program, regardless of the length, includes the following 5 pieces of learning points:
Students learn new words and concepts in Chinese for each class, meanwhile review the words they have seen previously, so that
will help them to build a large vocabulary gradually.
Sentences that are formed with at least one verb
Getting in touch with full sentences helps students to obtain the sense of Chinese language fast, thus allows them to understand
the formation of the grammars  better in the long run.
Chinese Characters
Recognizing and writing Chinese characters are essential to reading and writing in Chinese. Mastering Chinese characters will
benefit students greatly in the future.
Pinyin helps students to understand better how words are pronounced in Chinese, thus helps them to correct their American
English accent significantly.
Command in Chinese
Learning to understand and to say command expressions in Chinese not only helps with class management, also inspire students'
interests in using Chinese anytime in their real life.
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