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Our students are expected to meet their friendly and highly experienced teachers in a small size class. Our professional educators are always
ready to lead their students to discover the fun of exploring the world of Chinese.

The All About Mandarin programs have entered many public and private schools for their before/after school programs and during school
classes. The AAMA’s educational partners include the Del Mar School District, the San Diego Unified School District, the Rancho Santa Fe
School District, the Rhodes School, the San Diego French American School, and more. The AAMA programs have been proven a success, and
we will continue to reach out more Chinese language and culture lovers and share the fun of learning Chinese with them!
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1. Academic excellence. We foster structured and engaging learning in all four
language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
2. Our programs integrate language and culture and connect them with other
subjects and disciplines.
3. We implement fun and interactive activities that engage your child's
interest: singing, acting, Chinese immersion games, and more.
4. We have multiple, diverse, and customizable programs.
5. Student-oriented, academic and activity-based curriculum.
6. Low teacher to student ratio
7. Flexible schedules and multiple locations
8. Our programs nurture early childhood development intellectually and
9. We use Chinese drama/role plays to enhance students’ abilities to speak in
10. We are a dynamic and approachable team that will work with you and your
family to achieve your goals and help your children achieve theirs!
By implementing songs, games, acting, and other fun activities into our classes, we
keep students engaged and excited about learning Chinese! Students often They also
play games to enhance their fluency of the Chinese language. All About Mandarin
uses Chinese versions of Aesop’s fables, Grimm’s fairy tales and other well-known
stories as acting material to improve students’ Chinese language and public speaking
skills. Moreover, we encourage our students to speak Mandarin in public whenever
and wherever they can. Our students participate in skits and apply what they have
learned into real life scenarios. They also perform before crowds in parent shows
which are held throughout the year at different schools. The All About Mandarin’s
low teacher to student ratio also guarantees that every student has enough chance to
Home - About - Our Instructors
Ms. Grace Law devoted herself in teaching Chinese as a second language in different school districts and private schools for
kids and she is very enthusiastic about teaching and Chinese culture. One of her proudest accomplishments will always be her
students, from toddler to adult, who started from knowing nothing in Chinese to being fluent and educated in Chinese. She feels
very blessed to be part of AAMA team, and she looks forward to sharing her passion in Chinese as well as its culture with all the
Mrs. Grace Law graduated with a Master of Science degree in Chicago and earned 12 unites in Child Development. She
devotestudents with her unique and fun teaching style. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing, reading and traveling abroad to
learn about different cultures around the world.
Ms. Jackie Mo is very grateful to be part of the AAMA team as a Mandarin teacher after
spending a few years teaching Chinese to different school districts and different age groups
of students. Ms. Jackie is born and raised in China, and she is very interested in Chinese
culture study and teaching Mandarin ever since she was younger.  Ms. Jackie has a great
passion in teaching and loves children, so she decided to move to the United States for
Jackie had taught Mandarin in many school districts, such as Del Mar, Chula Vista,
Encinitas, La Jolla and Sorrento Valley, and she is loved by her students. Ms. Jackie is
learning Mandarin!
Ms. Maggie Wu has many years of experience in teaching Chinese. During her teaching
career, she has developed her own theory on how to make the class productive and
interesting, which has been proved to be very effective, especially for little children. She
looks forward to bring her teaching skills to each student in her classroom.
Ms. Leah Huang has a master degree in  Education (TESOL). She's been a language teacher for 12 years. She’s taught
various age groups, from young children to young adults. Her love for teaching comes from her passion for language
learning. She understands the difficulties of mastering a language, thus, she’s always changing her teaching skills and
approaches catering to students’ needs. She thinks mandarin is the most useful and powerful tool to own in the 21st century.
In addition, it’s a beautiful language with thousands of years’ intriguing history. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and
leading her students into the world of mandarin.
Ms. Brenda Hu holds several majors at Nankai University in China, University of California, Berkeley, and University of
Miami in US for her Bachelor and Master’s Degree. She has great passion in language teaching. She worked as a language
teacher in New Oriental Education and Technology Group for 3 years, while she finished her bachelor’s degree as a top 3. She
believes a well educated person is not someone who only cares the skills to make the living, but also the broadness of
knowledge. She emphasizes more on inspiring students’ inner desire and capability to learn actively than the knowledge itself.
She respects every student’s unique interest and characteristic, and she pays attention to students’ manner and discipline in
class as well.
Ms. Angela Yang holds a B.A. degree in Communications from the University of California, San Diego. She conducted
research on the role of effective interaction in children’s education in college, and also immersed herself in the Solana Beach
community and helped organize multi-cultural activities for children from ages 5 to 15 at St. Leo’s Mission. As a Native
Mandarin speaker, Angela is fluent in both written and conversational communication skills, and proficient in English as well
as Mandarin. She loves every minute of being an instructor at AAMA. Grateful and joyous for the opportunity to teach,
Angela mixes language with Chinese culture to help children understand the importance of learning Mandarin. And her
passionate, friendly and inviting personality brings her closer to all of her students.
Ms. Claire Luo obtained a B.A. Degree in Education in China. She has 15 years teaching experience in China and has a
passion both for teaching Chinese and sharing her love of Chinese culture.  In 2012-2013, she went overseas to teach high
school students Chinese in the Philippines.  During her extensive career she has developed fun and interesting teaching
methods, which combined with her professionalism and passion for education, has earned her the respect and love of her
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