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Step by Step Chinese Proficiency
Copyright by All About Mandarin Academy. Fun and effective, this excellent textbook
series adopts an exciting new approach to teaching Chinese as a foreign language. The
series include careful pacing, up-to-date topics, attractive page designs, and songs,
chants, practical tasks and activities. The textbooks also come with a CD, word cards,
and other supplement materials.

Student Workbook-Chinese Characters
In the workbooks, students practice strokes and write Chinese characters. Each
Chinese character is arranged with a picture to show how the character came from, and thus help students to
understand the formation of Chinese character, which not only makes it easier for the students to remember the
character, but also will benefit them greatly in the future learning.

Easy Steps to Chinese Textbook & Workbook
The task-based program, designed by the authors of the popular Chinese Made Easy and Chinese Made Easy for Kids,
is based on feedback and helpful suggestions from teachers who use those series in their classrooms. Students acquire
a vocabulary of 1,600 characters and confidence in speaking and writing Chinese. The series includes Textbook with
an audio CD, Workbook, Teacher's Book with a CD, Picture Flash Cards and Word Cards. Paperback, Simplified
characters, Pinyin and English.

This textbooks series are currently used by students in the elementary schools in China. The contents encourage
students to pay attention to details of Chinese language and develop a sense of Chinese cultural connotation. By using
the same materials, our students can obtain the most up-to-date literature and experience the wideness and richness of
Chinese culture.

Integrated Chinese
This is the leading introductory Chinese textbook at colleges and universities around the world. The series are
designed to meet the needs of today's students with communicative and interactive exercises, up-to-date vocabulary,
enhanced cultural coverage, a diverse cast of characters, and a realistic storyline linking all the dialogues and

A Business Trip to China
This inter-level series offers a practical approach to learning Chinese for business. Lessons are
set-up to parallel the experience of an American businessman coming to China. This is an
excellent and very up to date resource for learners who have learned basic Chinese and are
interested in having a career or doing business within Chinese speaking communities.

Monkey King Chinese
This is a set of textbooks compiled for children in English-speaking countries to learn Chinese.
It consists lessons and vocabulary that are especially designed for Children's interests, thus
allow children to have a enjoyable and educational experience.

Other Materials
Besides the books listed, our teacher also prepare a lot of other teaching materials to reach the
educational goal, such as flash cards, handouts, coloring pages, handcrafts, and so on.
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